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Hi, I'm Milla

A mother, Doula and Yoga teacher, 

with a background in Psychology, 

providing pre/postnatal care 

in Bucks County, Pa

Yardley-Princeton area.

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“Like water, be gentle and strong. Be gentle enough to follow the natural paths of the earth and strong enough to rise up and reshape the world”

(Brenda Peterson)

Mater is a Latin word that means mother

Mater Circle unifies women who are interested in learning from each other, and providing support to one another

You will find some interesting articles in our blog concerning motherhood adventures, childbirth and postpartum

You can also belong to our group on Facebook where you can participate of the discussions and find out more about the get-togethers and groups

Mater Circle



Prenatal Care
Birth Companion
Postnatal Care

Words of Kindness

"The best Doula in Bucks County!!! She cares so much about her patients and you will never feel alone, she will be with you every step of the way. Milla is very patient and has lots of knowledge. I recommend her for all my friends,

she is truly the best".

Camila Rinker

(Vicky's mom)

In-person or Whatsapp group

Chamomile Group

Before you go, find out more about these warm and cozy meetings...

Based on the material given by Palmira Margarida, Milla promotes gatherings with some awesome women where they have some self care time while sipping chamomile tea and chatting.

There's a healing potential in doing this, since chamomile invites us to self discovery and love.

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We're located in Yardley, Pa


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"It is in your moments of decision

that your destiny is shaped".

(Tony Robins)

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